Custom Brooch Bouquet & Stationery

Urban Hippie offers custom brooch bouquets and stationary. We will create with you a bridal brooch bouquet that will reflect your individual style and personality. We can fit any budget.

Our gorgeous and romantic brooch bouquets will enchant you and your guests. They are crafted with quality materials to ensure it can be enjoyed by many generations to come.
We can add any silk flowers of your choice, colors, as well as your choice of silver or gold brooches.
The stems can been finished with any satin ribbon of your choice.

In an age of automation and digital correspondence, personalized stationery leaves an impression people will remember. For the unique personal stationery right for you, Urban Hippie offers full-color or select color options with an array of design layouts, so you can find the perfect fit, we provide high-quality paper selection and accompanying envelopes turns thank you cards and correspondence into treasured keepsakes.

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