Urban Hippie is an online store that specializes in refurbishing and creating home decor, providing relaxing bath essentials, one of a kind apparel, as well as custom stationary.

We also offer services to refurbish customers existing home decor pieces as well as interior design.

Launched in Spring of 2009, Urban Hippie started off as an independent brand based out of New Haven that combined innovative design and quality apparel. Over the past decade we have evolved Urban Hippie as a lifestyle brand to include home decor, bath essentials, as well as staying true to our roots, apparel design.


About Danielle, the designer,

Danielle loves everything design, from art hanging on the wall to the simple corner in the room with fresh cut flowers in a decorative vase. As a DIY-er, she evolved from screen printing, to refurbishing, refinishing home decor as a first time home owner to making natural organic bath essentials. Her products and services she offers are all done with love and passion. She believes design is not just about it looks, its about how it feels and moves you.